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      Gynecological Care and Annual Wellness

      The management of chronic diseases in this country is broken…. patients walk in with bags of prescriptions medicines and still do not feel well. The United States has the best available healthcare and yet some of the worst healthcare outcomes in a civilized nation.

      Innovative Approaches to Primary Care

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      Our approach to primary and annual care starts with an understanding of the individual patient. Our focus is to strengthen the body, allow the body to begin to heal itself with lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals and botanicals. The goal is maximal health with decreased need for prescription medications. Patient done at Innovative Health fall within the Functional model of care.

      Functional Integrative Medicine incorporates all aspects of healthcare and as indicated, acts as a partner to your existing healthcare team. Services provided include:

      • Primary care within the Functional Medicine Model
      • Functional Integrative management of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune (as a partner with other providers as needed)
      • Yearly Gynecological and Healthy U for women of all ages and adolescent females
      • Serum Blood testing, Saliva Testing, Urine testing
      • Pap Smears, Cultures
      • Screening test coordination and management of Bone density
      • Screening test coordination and management of Mammography and/or Thermography
      • Functional Integrative management of Colds and Influenza
      • Functional Integrative approaches to Attention Deficit in children and adults
      • Functional Integrative approaches to Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety
      • As Indicated use imaging such as Ultrasound, CT, Calcium scoring

      Our Location

      Innovative Health LLC
      501 Marshall St., Suite 605
      Jackson, MS 39202
      Phone: (769) 241-3447

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