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      Hormonal Balance

      Balancing Hormones

      Hormone Testing Madison MS

      The body makes over 100 hormones, at Innovative Health we take hormone management to a new level by using the latest testing methods: including, saliva, urine, blood spot, and serum testing. We provide a comprehensive balancing of sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, but we understand that hormone balance is about more than just estrogen. Achieving balance is achieved by understanding the effect of these hormones on metabolism, as well as their interactions with other hormones such as DHEA, cortisol, pregnenolone, neurotransmitters, and growth hormone precursors.

      At Innovative Health, we believe that the art of evaluating and treating hormone imbalance is a highly individualized process and only a part of overall optimal health. Additionally, we understand that hormone balancing takes time and must be done systematically over a period of time to achieve the best results. A key element of hormone balance includes setting a standard for our patients that is optimal as compared to within the normal range.

      Symptoms of hormone imbalance in females include:

      • Mood Changes such as depression or anxiety
      • Irritability
      • Brain fog
      • Headaches
      • Inability to concentrate
      • Skin Changes
      • Vaginal Dryness

      Symptoms of hormone imbalance in males include:

      • Weight gain
      • Joint Pain
      • Memory Loss
      • Poor Concentration

      Other Hormones

      Innovative Health utilizes a "systems approach" to hormone balancing taking into consideration that hormonal imbalance in one area translates to imbalances in the entire system. This approach allows for deep insight into the interactions between hormones and genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the patient.

      • Comprehensive thyroid hormone assessment and management - Natural support for thyroid hormone including optimization of nutrition for optimal thyroid function, testing for thyroid hormone precursors, and assessment of toxins that interfere with thyroid and receptor function. Testing for Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T, and Thyroid antibodies is available.
      • Stress hormones assessment and management - Saliva, blood and urine testing for hormones like cortisol using a diurnal curve, DHEA, 17 OH, progesterone.
      • Full metabolic evaluation and management - We assess and treat for prediabetes and insulin resistance before it progresses into diabetes. We assess for cholesterol using advanced lipid profiling.

      Advanced Functional Medicine Testing

      There are hundreds of tests available to help us understand our patient's unique biology. For example, there are tests for mold exposure testing (linked to chronic fatigue and a weakened immune), heavy metal testing (linked to neurological symptoms and cardiovascular disease), hormone pathway testing (checking not just levels of hormones but what they actually do within the body) and advanced cardiometabolic testing (that looks deeply into cardiovascular risk) just to name a few. At Innovative Health we understand that simply being "in the normal reference range" on lab testing does not produces optimal health.

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