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      I came to see Jackie about a year ago, I was having horrible hormonal issues, loss of sexual intimacy, fatigue and my joints ached chronically, At 47 I felt old, washed up and not myself. I needed a provider to focus on ME. Almost a year later now... I feel like I should at almost 48. I have my life back again!

      - K.D.

      I have been leaking urine for as long as I can remember. Thank you IPH for giving me my life back.

      - Anon

      The approach of Innovative Health should be a medical industry standard. Jackie Williams has worked with me on recovering my body, mind and soul in a way no medical facility has ever done. She looked at the big picture and found issues I have had my entire life that no other health care provider had found. She has been very encouraging and kind in helping me to recover from these health issues. She helped me get my life back!

      - Anon

      I began seeing Jackie a few years ago after years of traditional, unsuccessful treatment for interstitial cystitis. My first visit was remarkable because she took the time to ask me questions, listen to my answers, and address not just my IC symptoms but my health as a whole. Through IC treatments and then addressing post-hysterectomy hormonal issues through nutrition, supplements, and physical activity I am now in the best shape of my life. I would (and have) refer my friends and family to "Nurse Jackie". She's been a lifesaver!

      - Anon

      Jackie Williams is the best! Jackie is very knowledgeable and caring with her patients and always looking for ways to improve our well being!

      - Anon

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