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      Sports Optimization

      Sports Nutriton Coach Madison MS

      Research continues to support exercise as a great countermeasure to aging, but many athletes - both elite and recreational - lack an understanding of the metabolic consequences of prolonged and intense exercise on the body. At Innovative Health we work to properly balance the nutritional needs of the athlete so they can perform optimally!  Many athletes come to us because they are seeing a decrease in their performance level, they cannot lose weight, they are constantly getting sick or they are just fatigued.  Overtraining and undernourishment affect the body's metabolism and need to be corrected in order to produce the best results. At Innovative Health, we provide supportive plans to bring your performance to the next level!

      Comprehensive Nutritional Plans

      Innovative Health provides Bioimpedance testing for intracellular and extracellular hydration status, body muscle, and fat mass, baseline metabolic rate (BMR) and Body Mass Index on all our patients. Advanced Testing packages are individually tailored to the patient and can include an assessment of nutritional status (antioxidant, mineral, omega, and amino acids), food allergy, digestive health, stress hormone, sex hormone and anabolic/catabolic metabolism.

      Focus Areas for Athletes

      Nutritional Guidance

      Nutritional deficits are huge in athletes!  The right type and amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats will influence performance.  What are the best sources of these for athletes - the answer is dependent on the athlete.  Learn the importance of timing of nutrition in performance and recovery.

      Hydration status

      Dehydrated muscles lead to chronic cramping issues, muscle pulls and/or tears. Studies show that up to 50% injuries are impacted by hydration status.

      Boost Immunity

      Intense exercise and overtraining may affect the immune system. Upper respiratory infections are common in athletes that over train, and can derail the best training programs.

      Stress Hormone Support

      Intense and/or prolonged exercise can affect the body's cortisol and other stress hormones.  Athletes with elevated stress hormones may see disruption in sleep patterns, mood fluctuations and digestive disturbances.  Problems with weight loss in athletes are often related to elevated stress hormones. Athletes that are over-trained may present with lowered levels of stress hormones that can cause chronic fatigue, burnout and immune issues. We can test your levels of stress hormones and get you back on track with your training.

      Mineral Depletion

      When athletes train they lose lots of minerals!  Which ones and how much? Minerals like magnesium, chromium, zinc need to be properly maintained in just the right balance.  At Innovative Health we can test your individual stores of minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to help balance deficits and optimize performance.  

      Digestive Health

      Problems with the GI tract are common with athletes and can interfere with training and performance. Many competitive athletes have leaky gut, food allergies or intolerances.  Issues with diarrhea, constipation, IBS and abdominal cramping are all signs of GI imbalance.

      Over Training Syndrome

      This is prevalent in elite athletes, as well recreational athletes and is a common cause of underperformance. Signs of overtraining include increased fatigue, mood changes such as depression or anxiety, increased illness (inability to get rid of a cold or sinus infection), prolonged recovery time (disproportionate soreness), changes in libido (lowered) and sleep disturbances.


      Athletes need to be able to get rid of all the toxins they are exposed to through exercise, both within the body and through external environmental exposure (like the fumes you inhale while running or riding on the road, or in the chemicals we put on our skin such as sunscreen) We also measure genetics that impact detox such as MTHFR, and provide supportive plans for liver, renal and GI detox.

      Supplementation in Sports

      The use of supplements to enhance sports performance is widespread today and many of our athletes come to Innovative Health for guidance.  Discover out what research indicates as necessary, safe and effective for training and performance. 

      We Are Athletes

      At Innovative Health we know all about the importance of sports optimization because we are athletes ourselves. Ms. Williams has completed 9 full Ironman triathlon races and over 25 half Ironman triathlon races. She has raced in multiple marathons, including the Boston marathon and was a competitive road cyclist.

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