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      Stress, Fatigue, Weight Gain

      Managing Stress and Reducing Fatigue

      Stress Therapy and Counseling Madison MS

      According to Johns Hopkins University, the typical American has more stress in 30 days then then their grandparents had in an entire lifetime. We know from research that chronic stress has a tremendous negative impact on our health, weakening our immune, causing inflammation, increasing cortisol and disrupting the natural biome in the gastrointestinal system. The effects of stress can lead to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal complaints, low libido, insomnia, mood fluctuation, weight gain and much more. With appropriate analysis and testing we can provide a personalized, comprehensive approach for the management of the stress response.

      Symptoms of Chronic Stress

      • Fatigue
      • Insomnia (inability to get a good night's sleep)
      • Mood issues like anxiety or depression
      • Digestive Problems
      • Irritability
      • Low Libido
      • Weight Gain
      • Frequent Illness
      • Lowered Immune Function

      Treatment for Managing Stress and Reducing Fatigue

      Natural Weight Loss

      Many patients have been told that weight loss is simply "Calories in vs calories out". At Innovative Health we approach weight loss from a Functional Medicine perspective utilizing the fact that patients will not lose weight and keep it off if there are imbalances within different systems. Plans that correct these imbalance include 1) plans to support stress management that will decrease belly fat and 2) plans for optimal digestive health because the newest research states that an unhealthy gut can be a major cause of our inability to lose weight.

      At Innovative Health we provide nutrition and exercise plans that work without prescription medications, allow the patient to lose weight and keep it off and work when diets and exercise have failed.

      Our approach:

      • Detoxify the Body to Lose Weight
      • Optimize Digestive Health
      • Provide Individualized Nutritional Weight Loss Plans with Mobile Tracking
      • Target Natural Supplementation to Support Weight Loss
      • Provide Healthy Exercise Plans with Online Tutorials and Mobile Tracking
      • Trained Medical Supervision

      Detoxify the Body to Lose Weight

      Our bodies store toxins and heavy metals in body fat, and the truth is that the more toxins you have the more fat you need to store it. Toxins can be stored in our bodies for our entire life. At Innovative Health, we use state-of-the-art testing to uncover unhealthy toxic burdens and develop plans to eliminate these toxins so you can lose weight. 

      Naturally Detoxifying the Body

      We live in a toxic world where we are exposed to toxins continuously through household and lawn chemicals, personal care products even our drinking water. Foods are sprayed with fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and todays' food supply has dramatically less nutritional value due to soil depletion from chemicals. Just eating the "Standard American diet" of fast foods, sweets and alcohol can lead to toxic overload. We inhale toxins from cigarette smoke and air pollution. The FDA says that the top 15 personal care products contain over 120 toxic chemicals never seen in our environment until 50 years ago. At Innovative Health we understand that these everyday toxins cause major imbalances, disease, and even cancer.

      Optimize Digestive Health

      At Innovative Health we work to balance the digestive system to help you lose weight. Research has shown that the state of a patient's digestive environment can lead to obesity.  Between 70-80% of our immune system lies within an inch of our digestive tract, thus making digestive health imperative to immune function. Digestive health also plays a major role in detoxification and mood disorders such depression, as the majority of the hormone serotonin is made in the digestive tract. Our goal is to promote a healthy immune system, optimize detoxification, support nutritional uptake, and the natural production of hormones through the balancing of the digestive system.

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